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What a lot of doms don’t understand.

Gentleman Savage

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Hi babygirl! how’s my princess?

-you took forevvvvver to get home Daddy!

Well Daddy’s here now, were you a good girl today?

-yes Daddy

Good Girl… give Daddy kisses baby…

-but Daddy…

Don’t you love Daddy?

- YES I love daddy the mostest!

Then why no kisses?


What babygirl? put your hands down so Daddy can hear you

-(hands down. whispers) cuz Daddy kisses make me tingle (hides face)

Is that all lil one, (smiles) Didn’t you know Daddy kisses are magic?

-(peeks out) magic? really?

Yes sweetie, Those tingles are Daddy’s magic…

-(Looks up), they are Daddy?

Yes and (kisses) Daddy wants to show you (kisses) lots of magical things.

- But, but Daddy… I feels funny… (moan) you should, mmm you should stop daddy…

(whispers) Nuh uh babygirl, Daddy wants more tingles…

- Daddy! what are you doing?

Daddy is checking for tingles baby…

- That’s my naughty place Daddy! no no nooo

Isn’t this where the tingles are babygirl?

-yyesss… but… (sighs) but Daddy… It makes me feel naughty..

It isn’t naughty if Daddy tells you to do it babygirl…

-it feels… good Daddy… (blushes)

Daddy will make it feel even better with Daddy kisses…

-oh no!  kiss down there Daddy? no no no I scared Daddy!

Come along to your room babygirl, Daddy will show you… Doesn’t Daddy always keep you safe?

-yes Daddy…

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I like to pretend to be a brat with my Daddy. Sometimes it’s fun to stick out my tongue at him and be sassy when I’m little, but it’s all in fun.

It’s pretty common in DD/lg to find subs who are bratty. It’s also a common stereotype that we’re given, that we manipulate and use our Daddies for own benefits, having them wrapped around our fingers. This is not healthy though and puts a strain on the power exchange in the relationship.

There’s a difference between fun brattiness while roleplaying and being a true brat, causing stress and trouble for your Daddy/Mommy. It’s good to remember that your rules are in place for a reason and if you can’t abide by them, then maybe you need to bring it up to your Daddy/Mommy and come up with a compromise.

Please read subgirlygirl’s post on Bratty Submission.

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(this includes princesses, bunnies, kittens and every other animal xD)

I want to follow more people!
My dash has been getting boring, (no offence) and I need more blogs to follow!
Reblog this if you’re a daddy or a little!! 

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note to self: your life will not begin when you lose weight and it will not end if you gain weight. 

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WAS ASKED BY Anonymous

Do I know you, perhaps?

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This was done with a ballpoint motherfucking pen.

I can’t help but reblog this.

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Do you have a liittle

WAS ASKED BY Anonymous

I do not. Do you have a Daddy? Ha

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Have you ever truly loved someone?

WAS ASKED BY Anonymous

Yes, I believe so. Once, perhaps.

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